Are you ready to launch into the next season of your life?

To be fearless, brave and authentically you?

To take back your role as the leading lady of your life?

To truly ROCK your Midlife?


*Have you found yourself at a crossroads in your life?

*Are you facing an empty nest and an emptiness inside as you wonder who you are now?

*Are you wondering “what next?”

*Are you feeling like you are too old to start anything new?

*Are you wanting to become strong, fit and healthy, but don’t know how to start?

*Have you lost your confidence, your voice and your zest for life?


*That you stopped putting everyone and everything else first?

*That you began to truly love and nurture your body and soul?

*That you found your passion and calling for your second season of life?

*That you discovered your confidence and determined to speak and walk your truth?

Then girl, we NEED to talk!

You’d be amazed how many of the answers to the questions above you already hold deep inside, HOWEVER it takes conversation, reflection and observation from a coach who really listens and genuinely cares, to help you:


  1. reveal those nuggets of wisdom,
  2. gain clarity in putting them into action, and
  3. with motivation and accountability so that you see results in your life!


Not only am I a qualified educator, personal trainer and life coach – I am a midlife woman who has faced many of the hurdles and challenges that you are very possibly facing at this time:


*I’ve had to undertake my own midlife reinvention, finding myself, retraining and re-entering the workforce after many years of putting my children first – including six years of homeschooling.

*I’ve navigated the ups and downs of married life for 28 years, whilst supporting numerous women whose relationships broke down.

*I’ve experienced the hopelessness that comes with seeing your partner at death’s door and subsequently living with pain.

*I’ve experienced health issues, surgeries and live with a chronic autoimmune disorder that can cause pain flare ups.

*I’ve battled lack of confidence, depression, weight and fear of rejection.


HOWEVER, although life is never perfect, I can honestly say that I now live my life confidently, with purpose, excited for the future, physically strong and with a burning passion to see other women experience the same in their lives – and that means YOU sister!


Email me NOW and let’s set a date for a 15 minute complimentary call to talk more about your needs OR, if your heart is pounding and you KNOW already that it is time for you to shake off the fear, invest into yourself and get started – take the plunge and email me at!



“It’s never too late—never too late to start over, never too late to be happy.”

—Jane Fonda

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