Speaker ★ Coach ★ Motivator

 Meet Cat, a woman who believes that midlife is not the “beginning of the end” but the start of an amazing new season in the life of all women.


Cat gets excited when she sees midlife women empowered, motivated and living fulfilled, purposeful lives. Regardless of whether they are in the same career they have always been in, or are completely reinventing their lives – seeing them thrive and make an impact in their world fills her with joy.


For many girls though, the journey of midlife can be a frightening roller coaster ride full of rampant emotions, hormones and life changes. This is where Cat can help, providing your groups and audience with the encouragement, support and motivation ALL women need to ROCK their Midlife to the fullest.

Keynote Topics

Girl, Get Over Yourself & Get In The Game! 


Choose to put a stop to the self-imposed limitations you have been living with and become the leading lady of your own life! Based on Cat’s book of the same name, she shares situations in her own life where she had choices to make to either propel her forward or to settle where she was. Motivation mixed with equal parts of vulnerability and tough love.


Age is Just a Number 


Why be limited and defined by a number when you have a calling to fulfil? There is an international groundswell happening of midlifers stepping up and declaring that “we aren’t finished yet – in fact, we’ve barely begun!” – and you need to be part of it! Shake off your personal limitations, be inspired by other midlifers who followed their dreams into very different second halves of their lives and be excited for what is to come in your own life!


5 Tips to ROCK Your Midlife! 


It’s no longer about polyester dresses and slippers when you hit midlife! In fact it is quite the opposite these days with empty nests equating to freedom after the many years of child rearing. The midlife season is definitely one of challenges and changes, yet with the right mindset, can be fulfilling, exciting and joyous too.