There is a worldwide movement happening at the moment. Globally, midlife women are embracing this season of their lives, and instead of disappearing from our youth-obsessed society, they are taking to social media, are blogging, writing, podcasting and broadcasting from whatever field they are immersed in. Their combined voices are an inspiration to the generation that follows, encouraging them to follow their passions, love themselves and their dear ones ferociously and impact their worlds.

In short, our midlife sisters are not only ROCKING their midlife seasons, but they are doing it FIERCELY!

Within this sisterhood is the spirit of collaboration and of women empowering women. Since I first started the Rocking Midlife group for midlife women to find support, encouragement and friendship, there are now a number of midlife groups. One in particular has resonated with me for quite some time though and I am proud to also be associated with the Forever Fierce: The Midlife Revolution  group who proclaim a similar message of empowering women in this season of life. While Catherine Grace’s group is based in the US and mine in New Zealand, both have a global reach and I love the fact that we are both providing spaces for midlife women to connect and celebrate the journey of midlife and beyond.

Which brings us to today – National – no – INTERNATIONAL Forever Fierce Day! Around the world, bloggers like myself are celebrating this day and introducing fellow fierce midlife women who are sharing their wisdom on what it means to be “Fierce at Midlife.”  I am featuring four amazing women all of whom I count as friends. Each of these ladies is an amazing, intelligent, articulate woman who is making a real difference in the world and I am blessed to have connected with them. I know that their words will inspire you.

Here is to ROCKING midlife FIERCELY and make sure that you go to the main page featuring all of the bloggers from around the globe HERE.

Cat Coluccio x

52, New Zealand





What fierce at midlife means to me is about repossessing and owing my power. It’s a time to reclaim my magnetic power and achieve my life’s dreams …being empowered to be magnetic to others. It’s a time where I’ve experienced birth, death and paying a lot of tax! It’s a time of finding my truth and sharing this with my tribe and most of all my family.

Zahrina Robertson,  41




Now that I’m in my midlife what I mean by being fierce, has changed. It’s no longer about fiercely proving myself – as attractive, worthy of love or respect – it’s now about fiercely raising others up. Fiercely shining the spotlight on those voices we must heed if we are to move forward as a human race. I’ve found my place, I know who I am and what I’m about, now I’m fiercely fighting for others to do the same.

Vicki Jeffels, 49

New Zealand



Being fierce at midlife means you need to get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. At midlife you find yourself needing to answer some powerful questions that are knocking at your door. Being fierce means you have to be curious and listen to your inner wisdom. Being fierce means you need to find your essence and begin to welcome the person.

Sharleen Greer, 58 

New Zealand




Being a fierce midlifer is owning my power, being truly authentic to me after years of giving my power away to so many. I have regained my magnificence! I AM now on a mission to help others regain theirs. Connecting to the wisdom within me through a quiet space has been transformational in the way I react and act in my world. No longer am I hiding in my vunerability but I AM quietly fierce no longer having to prove or have approval from anyone but ME.

Fiona Clark,  56








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You are such a fierce sister, Cat. Especially with that “Jeans” video!!
I’m so glad you joined us in this endeavor and it’s been so inspirational to hear from the women that are near and dear to us!!


Thanks so much for letting me jump in Jodie!! I love being able to collaborate with like-minded women from around the world. xx



I love meeting all these women and will be following them on Instagram!
So much fun meeting the international fierce women!

Happy Forever Fierce Day!


It is so cool isn’t it Robin? I’ll be over to visit the ladies featured on your blog too! x


Get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. I like that! You’ve highlighted some truly fierce women Cat!


Thanks Andy – they really are amazing ladies! x


Thanks for sharing these amazing women! They are such an inspiration and I am so glad to hear their voices.


Thanks so much for visiting Katharine! x


Loved reading your post and learning more about these inspirational women!


Thanks for reading Lana – they are amazing ladies!


LOVE-LOVE-LOVE Cat! Fiona’s comment; Being a fierce midlifer is owning my power! I love that!
❤️💋forever fierce


<3 I know that Fiona will be thrilled to know that you resonated with her message!


Thanks Cat for sharing the “fierce sisters down under”. What an incredible group of women. I love this quote,” I have regained my magnificence. Enjoying following you and watching you make midlife rock.


Hi Cat great to meet you and I’m from Down Under as well, living in Brisbane, Australia. Wonderful women taking on the world – love it!


Am waaay behind in my reading. You have introduced us to fabulous women Cat and I love your introduction. And thankyou also for that wonderful jeans video. Love Fiona’s ‘being a fierce midlifer is owning my own power’.


Such a strong fierce group of ladies, thanks for sharing them, they have some amazing stories. Jacqui


I loved the quote ‘comfortable with the uncomfortable’…that resonated with me! Thank you for sharing these fierce women with us…so happy to join you in this INTERNATIONAL campaign!


Wow, Cat! Great post! Owning our power, being our true selves, unapologetically and loud! The essence of being fierce in midlife has been so eloquently expressed by these amazing women you have featured. I am inspired so much by all of the women in this campaign! Stay fierce, my friend.


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