Remember this post where I put out a call to action against ageist “studies” that are telling us midlife women what we can and cannot wear?? All I can say is that midlife girls are the BEST!!! I received so much support, from emails and messages to 100 photos of gorgeous midlife women from all around the globe ROCKING their jeans!

It may seem a light hearted campaign, but at its core is a growing wave of midlife women who are launching into the second half of their lives passionate, fearless and fierce – and no longer bound by ageist decrees of how to act / dress / be.

I want to send out a HUGE thank you to all the girls who shared their photos – particularly those from the Rocking Midlife and the Forever Fierce online groups. These girls ROCK!!

Enjoy the video and I would so appreciate it if you could please head over the facebook post HERE and share the heck out of it!!

Cat x


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