I’m calling all midlife girls to action!

It’s time to stand up and say that we are sick of being told that we need to stop wearing wearing the makeup we like.

That we should stop wearing certain colours.

That we should not have long hair anymore……

AND if you saw the post that I shared on my facebook page recently – that we should STOP wearing jeans after the age of 53!

I KNOW!! Who writes these kinds of things?

That post had one of the highest reaches and reactions of anything that I have ever shared and from the comments, it was obvious that midlife girls have had a gutsful of being told how to act, look and dress.

I shared the post inside the Rocking Midlife group as well and the reaction was the same, with woman after woman sharing her age and announcing that nobody was going to separate her from her favourite denims!

So I had a thought……

Why not put together a montage of photos of midlife girls of all ages, shapes and sizes ROCKING their jeans proudly? We see all these glammed up ex-models in their 40’s, 50s and 60s being feted as the faces of midlife – but how about celebrating all of us ordinary girls wearing our fav denim and being proud of who we are?

I would LOVE you to be part of my ROCK your jeans campaign! All you need to do is send me a photo of yourself in your jeans, along with your first name and your age with the understanding that your photo will be shared on social media as part of the montage. You can email me at hello@catcoluccio.co.nz or send via messenger.

Here’s to Rocking Midlife and wearing our denim with pride!

Cat x


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Where shall I send the picture?Love this. I’m 56 and wear jeans almost r everyday !! My insatagram is 2ndhalfhipsters .. thanks for doing this


Hi there Kyrie – you can email me at cat@catcoluccio.co.nz Off to look you up on insta now! x


What a great idea!
That will show the young writer to rethink age appropriate clothing!



Thanks Robin – that is my hope!!


Hi Cat, I am Jess from the Fierce 50 group and my blog, Elegantly Dressed and stylish. i go bonkers when i hear about what midlife women should not wear… I say, wear what makes you confident and happy! I will send you one of my blog pics in jeans. Thanks! Sounds like it will be a great compilation!
jess xx


Count me in! Where do I send the photo?


Hey wow I loved the idea! I’m 42, Dilem from Istanbul – proud to be naturally silver! I guess I’m just the opposite of that they tell us not to do as I wear jeans, letting my silver hair grow longer and longer, wearing bright colors and even wearing shots and minis… 😉 I’m sending my pics to the email address.


I am excited about being a part of this. What a great idea


Hi Cat. I’ll play that game. I am 65 and my husband wanted to retire in Montana so jeans are my go to. I posted some on my Instagram account and blog both Stylebeyondage. I would love to be included. Check out my accounts or I could send you the picture anytime.
Cheers! Sonia

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