“Wellness” seems to be the subject on everyone’s lips at the moment. Everything I read seems to refer to “self-care” being a huge part of life, and you know something? 

They are right!

As my face to face personal training clients know, over the past month I’ve faced a back issue that I have never encountered before. It has really incapacitated me on many levels, and the health professional looking after me has had some pretty honest chats about my own lack of “self-care.” 

Being a bit of a workaholic who struggles to switch off at night, (if at all sometimes!) it has been a rude shock finding out that my body had decided enough was enough, and even though I workout and generally eat well – I have had to rethink my own wellness far more seriously than before. 

Which is why I am SO freaking glad that I have discovered dōTERRA oils this year! Although I have already incorporated them into my daily routine to an extent – and hand on my heart – this is the BEST year in regards to colds / allergies and flus that I have EVER had – I’m now stepping up my use of them to a whole new level. 

You see, “self-care” is not just about having long baths or gettng your nails done. It’s about doing things that are GOOD for your body, and as someone who is a research nut, (remember, I have the brain that does not shut off lol) I’ve stepped up my own research of how these NATURAL and certified THERAPEUTIC PURE oils can make a significant difference to my health and wellbeing. 

Be it through their ingestion, the neural impact of the aroma or the topical application on my skin – my self-care routine has now taken a priority in my life – particularly if I intend ROCKING my 50s and beyond! I’ve also gotten my husband to take more care of his health and wellness too – we want to spend many more years together and looking after our health is THE best chance we have to do this.

I tell my clients all the time that four of the pillars to good health are: (in no particular order)

* Water
* Healthy nutrition
* Exercise
* Rest and recovery

However, working in a gym has shown me that people still look for the quick fix to get the body they want – disregarding the bigger picture of “wellness” – meaning that they will ingest all manner of artificial substances from the downright illegal to pre-workouts that are little more than chemical science experiments – when there are natural alternatives that are just as effective and gentle on the body.

I didn’t chose to get involved with dōTERRA because I have heaps of time and wanted something to do lol! I got involved because I GENUINELY use and love both the products and the ethical ethos of the company and there is nothing I love more than sharing what a difference these products have made to my own life.

After this back issue, my wellness – along with my family’s – is more important to me than ever.

Is yours?

<3 Cat x

PS:  Let me know if you would like me to post next time exactly which products my husband and I use on a daily basis to support our health. In the meantime, why not join my FREE facebook Essential Oils 101 group where I post regular tips and information?

PPS: If you join this month – either from the UK or US OR the AU warehouse – there are some AMAZING specials happening! Why not message or email me on cat@catcoluccio.co.nz and let’s have a no obligation chat about how these oils could make all the difference to your health and wellness too? I love supporting others on their wellness journey – it is a natural fit with my personal training and life coaching  – and I offer so much to anyone who joins my oils tribe. As well as your own wholesale account with NO obligation to purchase any certain amount, you will get a welcome gift from me, you’ll be added to private groups where you will learn how to use these oils in every area of your life AND if you do want to build your own business that helps you purchase oils for your family – you will get support and mentorship there too. Let’s do this!! C x


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I love your comment about how people “still look for the quick fix to get the body they want – disregarding the bigger picture of “wellness” ” Such a true statement. Wellness is more then going to a gym. There is not only the physical but the emotional and the spiritual as well. They all go hand in hand.


Thanks for dropping by and for commenting Linda and yes!! Wellness is definitely a combination of physical / emotional and spiritual input. xx

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