It is amazing how you can connect with someone instantly in the most unusual of places. I met the gorgeous young Aimee Jean in such a manner earlier this year as I was manning the doTERRA stand for the first ever time at the Go Green Expo here in Auckland. Eager to share my love of these beautiful essential oils with the young woman who had approached the stand with her lovely mother, I discovered that I didn’t need to say much at all – this girl had already spent the past few years researching thoroughly and had come ready to get started. Upon getting to know Aimee more, I soon realised that her approach to essential oils was indicative to her approach to life – careful, considered and wise beyond her years – and I am excited to see where life takes this smart young lady.

The “Bridging the Gap” campaign which I am so proud to be part of, is designed to lessen the generation gap by featuring the pairing of a midlife influencer with a millennial, who then interview and write about one another. My own two children are a similar age to Aimee and I work with a number of millennials in my role as a personal trainer, so I already have an affinity for this generation. Yes, their world is different to what we experienced at their age, and yes, they may think differently to how we do, however just like we midlife folks, they face the same big questions that we faced at their age: “who am I?” “How can I make a difference with my life?” and I love that Aimee – at the tender age of 25 – is already making choices that will not only impact her life, but that of New Zealand, as she positions herself to play a significant part in the future of this nation.

Raised and schooled in Auckland, Aimee was “captain of our debate team and always loved speech competitions and any opportunity to put forward my opinion.” She went on to study Law and is currently working on completing a Masters degree in Business. What fascinates me however, is that despite being admitted to the Bar as a solicitor, Aimee has not gone on to practise law in the traditional sense, but has instead changed direction, now working towards membership of the Charted Institute of Procurement and Supply.

Aimee has recently relocated to Wellington, (New Zealand’s capital) to work with one of the major utilities and says “I use my legal knowledge and skill everyday, not a week goes by that I don’t review at least one legal contract and provide advice on improvements and negotiation strategy. The complexity of legal issues that I have been exposed to, I feel is far greater than some of my friends who are working in traditional law firms.” When I asked her about the weight of the responsibility she carries, she was very sober, understanding fully that she makes decisions that affect people’s jobs and lives.

What I love about Aimee is that this intelligent, articulate and determined young lady has strong career goals, yet also has a blog that reflects her interest in beauty, style and natural wellness. She has already grasped the concept of life-balance, and embraces both her corporate and her creative sides. Her blog is morphing though. Originally titled “My Style Anthology,” it is evolving to “Oh How She Shines” in which she intends to “have a greater focus on empowering women, particularly young women. It will include all the things I love – high fashion, beauty and lifestyle trends, as well as areas of interest for me like focusing on women who are breaking through the corporate glass ceiling and key tips on being financially savvy.” As someone whose own business mantra includes the phrase “Empowering women,” I share Aimee’s desire to impact others and look forward to witnessing her grow into her sphere of influence.

I am thrilled to have connected with Aimee and am excited for the future of New Zealand if she is indicative of the calibre of millennials who are taking their places in our society. Here’s to “Bridging the gap” Down-Under, along with a greater understanding and friendship between the generations.

Cat x

Empowering women to ROCK their Midlife!

PS: Make sure that you visit Aimee’s blog HERE to read what she wrote about me as well as leave some love at her instagram HERE!

PPS: You can find the entire list of all contributors to this amazing campaign HERE.

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What a fabulous story, and so glad you two could connect this way!!


Wow! Aimee is indeed an amazing young woman. I am so happy to be involved with this great campaign. The more I read, the more it becomes clear; we really aren’t so different after all.


Sounds like a chance meeting resulted in a pretty wonderful friendship! Lovely to get to know you Aimee!


What a fabulous young woman! Thank you for introducing us to her, amazing what she has accomplished at such a young age…


Love learning about the girls from “down under”! Thanks for sharing Cat.


Cat, your ability to genuinely connect with Aimee and other millennials is an amazing talent. Thank you so much for assisting with this campaign, and for empowering women of all ages to take care of themselves and those around them.

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