When scrolling through Instagram this morning, (aka wasting time…) I came across a quote that hit me straight between the eyes:

“Your life isn’t about a big break, it’s about one significant, life-transforming, step at a time” – Tim Storey

When I look back over my life, I can see how this is really has been the case. ¬†Small steps that I have taken over the many, many…yes, I’m THAT old….MANY years are what have brought me to various highlights in my life that I consider to be particularly significant.

The small but significant step of getting on a bus to travel 3 days across the Nullarbor Plains from Perth when I was only 17, with an instrument tucked under my arm and a dream of being offered a place at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music despite the hundreds of far better qualified applicants from all around the country.

Four years later, I graduated with distinction from that institution and after another 10 years of performing, conducting and session work, recorded my own solo album.

The small but significant step of reluctantly deciding to go along on a blind date that two friends had arranged.

Three months later I was engaged to the man I met and 29 years later we are still married.

The small but significant step of leaving my extended family behind and immigrating to New Zealand along with my husband and two small children.

19 years later we are still here in this green, lush country where my children have been blessed with incredible experiences.

The small but significant step of standing up to the bullying and control of an organisation that we had been totally invested in, losing career and friends in the process.

16 years later we still relish the freedom and new friendships that were forged through the tears.

The small but significant step of deciding that it was time for me to reinvent myself again once both kids were off to university.

7 years later I am still working as a qualified Personal Trainer and am now also a qualified Life Coach.

The small but significant step of determining that I have a voice and message that I want to share with other midlife women.

18 months later, “Cat Coluccio – Rocking Midlife” has over 47 000 followers on facebook, a tribe of engaged, incredible women at the Fabulous Midlife Babes and I have new-found relationships with other vibrant, amazing midlifers world-wide.

The small but significant step of listening to the quiet voice in my heart that has kept saying that it is time to get back out there and speak to women about how they CAN rock their midlife years……

Next month – the launch of the very first Rocking Midlife LIVE event here in Auckland.

Am I scared? You betcha!!

Excited? Hell yes!!

I can see how so many small, significant steps have led to this moment – but also know that plenty of times I could have chosen NOT to take those steps, along with each and every other step that I have taken during my life. Be it lack of confidence, worry over what other people might think or plain old fear – there are many things that could have prevented me from taking many of the small steps that I did – and my life would have been so different as a result.

I guarantee that you feel the same about the steps that you did – and didn’t – take as well, yet with hindsight, aren’t you glad for those times when you DID “feel the fear and do it anyway?” You would not be who you are today without having taken the small, significant steps that got you here – and you know what honey? You will NOT be where you are meant to be next month, next year or whenever if you don’t choose to be brave and CONTINUE to take those small significant steps!

There is no expiry date on when you can attempt new things, on when you can pursue a new dream or if you are single – start a new relationship.

You might be in your 40s, your 50s, your 60s or beyond – so what?

TAKE the small significant steps today that lead you to where you want to go next – you never know how soon that you might find yourself at the destination that had once only been a dream for you.

Here’s to Rocking Midlife!

Cat xx

PS. Auckland girls – save the date as the very first ROCKING MIDLIFE LIVE event will be taking place on Wednesday 11th at 7pm and I would LOVE to see you there. Details to come, then Waikato girls – you are next!!!

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