It’s cold and wet down here in New Zealand, and the flu season has officially arrived with some hospitals already at capacity. Even my facebook feed is chock-a block full of sad posts about families with colds and illness…and then there are the REALLY sad posts about the men. Wow that cold seems to mutate into something pretty nasty when it hits the menfolks – manflu really does seem SO much worse than any cold we girls get lol!! (Yes, yes, stretching my “no man bashing” policy a tad – but all in good humour lol :))

Anyhow, all of these posts have brought one major fact to my attention: I’ve not had a major cold, bronchitis or asthma attack at ALL this year – and for me, this is HUGE! I seem to pick up sinus infections / severe colds or bronchial infections so incredibly easily, and working in a large public gym where germs are rampant – I frequently fall ill.

But not this year!!!  The only thing different this year, is that I have been consistently using my dōTERRA oils daily – be that aromatically, topically or where safe – internally. They are living up to their promises of supporting my health and I am slowly  changing over to their skin and hair care range as well in order to cut down the toxic load that my body carries.

I am so excited at the results that I am experiencing however, that I want to share something special with you. Unfortunately this offer is ONLY available to Aussie and Kiwi girls, HOWEVER if you are from another nation and want to try the products please reply so that I can see what I can organise.

Here are the details:

If you fit the following criteria, and would be excited to be gifted with six samples from myself PLUS be added to a private FB group where you will be taught how to use them, please follow the instructions below……

1. Comment SPOIL ME and remembering that I will support you through learning how to use them!!!!

2. You must not be in contact with another dōTERRA advocate or already have your own account.

3. You must be truly interested in learning about oils and be willing and able to participate in the facebook group where you will receive a short video every day that explains the many uses for that particular sample.

If you want to spoil yourself with dōTERRA in July send me an email or facebook message ASAP containing your postal address and full name and PLEASE NOTE….. I only have limited sample packs to give away so move QUICKLY!!

*Please also understand that your sample pack may not contain the same oils in the image above.

Cat x

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