I officially opened the doors this week to my “12 WEEK LOVE YOUR BODY CHALLENGE” and my face to face personal training clients are in the group already waiting to see who is going to join them on this journey. It may sound an odd sort of “challenge” to run for a personal trainer. Most gyms down here in New Zealand run 12 week challenges or similar quite frequently, but this is a very different concept that has grown both from my own journey and of seeing how so many people rebound or drop out of exercise all together after they participate in “Biggest Loser” type challenges.
In short, I feel like it is time to …..

  • Stop chasing the latest diet fad.
  • Stop with berating yourself all the time for not being skinny enough.
  • Stop with comparing yourself to stick insect 20 year olds on the Fitness mags.
  • Stop worrying incessantly about every bite of food you take.
  • Stop looking for the latest gadget / pill or shake that will change your life.


To some of you, this will all sound like common sense. HOWEVER, I can guarantee that to others reading this, I am hitting nerves. How do I know this? Because even though I am a personal trainer, I am someone who has battled low self image, bulimia at one point, and years of body-hatred – exacerbated by my years of being on stage as a performer and always feeling judged. Regardless of whether I was lean or overweight – my brain never stopped telling me how life would be so much better if only I could lose 5 / 10 / 15 kg……whatever.

Until I hit my late 40s and thought “ENOUGH!”

Enough with the self loathing, the food hang ups, the bizarre behaviour at times. I was tired of dieting, tired of comparing myself to others and tired full stop. I changed how I spoke to myself, how I looked at myself in the mirror and how I trained my gym clients. I focus now on exercise, nutrition, rest, hobbies – life in general – as all being part of a bigger picture of self-love and self-care, and shy away from any “quick fix” weight loss competitions. My perspective is that……

  • It’s not about what you weigh but how you FEEL – mentally and physically.
  • It’s not about size but about HEALTH.
  • It’s not about exercising because you “have to” but because you love yourself enough to want to treat your body well.
  • It’s about ENJOYING life and no longer having your emotional welfare dictated by the number on a scale.


Most of our “diet brains” have taken years to form however, and a simple decision to change is easier said than done. Hence, I have put into place a 12 week “challenge” where you will be offered something totally different to the usual challenges out there, including….


  • mindset exercises
  • accountability as you commit to healthy habits from a place of self-love
  • training tips and ideas
  • nutritional tips (but NO prescribed “diets” )
  • motivation
  • encouragement
  • friendships from women walking the same journey to self-love


Doors are only open for a week, so honey, if ANYTHING that I have said resonates with you, you NEED to join myself and my gym girls as we embark on our 12 Week LOVE Your Body Challenge next Monday.

Check out my video HERE and don’t delay as doors close on MONDAY JUNE 19th!

See you on the inside honey, and here’s to ROCKING MIDLIFE!

Cat x

Empowering women to ROCK their midlife!

Email: cat@catcoluccio.co.nz

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