Believe it or not, I am an introvert. I can come over as extroverted online, and can hold my own on a stage or addressing a crowd. Put me IN that crowd however, or at a party and I fall apart. Making polite small talk with people I don’t know sends shivers up and down my spine and you will either find me latching on to one person and having a really intense chat in the corner or pacing frantically until it I can leave without looking too rude.

And that’s if I actually show up in the first place!

I don’t wave my “introvertedness” as an excuse to never interact with anyone ever again, however understanding this dominant trait of my personality has been a freeing experience over the past few years. Finding out that I was “normal” when I didn’t like or function well at parties and discovering that there were other people just like me who preferred to process their thoughts internally rather than share all with the world was liberating. Realising that in order for me to function effectively in my workplace where I need to be highly extroverted, I then need to recharge with time alone – was empowering as now I could give my clients’ my full energy, in the knowledge that alone time was scheduled.

All of this was highlighted dramatically this past weekend, when I stepped up and joined 4 other vibrant folks to share the knowledge of doTERRA essential oils at the Go Green Expo here in Auckland. While I had the option of manning the stand for both days, I chose just to do the Saturday – and I was there from around 8.30am – 5.30pm. I cannot recall how many people I spoke to as we were easily one of the busiest stands and when I walked in the door at around 6.30pm that night, I was shattered. Not so much physically, but emotionally.

With my husband away for the weekend visiting our son overseas and my daughter working all weekend presenting judging courses for Gymnastics NZ – it gave me the perfect opportunity to have time out. And wow was it good! I stayed off Facebook, read no emails, listened to no pod casts and did nothing “work” related in the least. Instead, I binge-watched a historical drama on my lap-top while cleaning my bedroom and straightening  and sorting my wardrobe which has been neglected with all of the running around of late.

And it felt great!

I had my two diffusers going so the house smelt divine and the act of tidying and bringing order to things was soothing – as was the fact that other than the cats – I spoke to no one for over 8 hours!

I know that some of you will be reading this thinking “this woman is mad! Sunday’s are for getting out and DOING stuff!” whereas others of you will relate. And that is the beauty of diversity isn’t it? Knowing that we are all different versions of extroverts and introverts and all recharge differently. It’s when we can accept each other’s needs though, that we can all learn to communicate with and understand each other more effectively.

Here’s to Rocking Midlife!

Cat xx

Cat’s Healthy Product Recommendation

As I work in the health and fitness industry, I am always checking out new products that I can use to improve my own health and that of my family’s and that I can share with confidence with my clients. This week’s recommendation is easily the DoTERRA Essential Oils, having spent all day Saturday learning not only about how the oils can be used in a myriad of ways, but how the oils are sourced in such a fair trading, sustainable manner where the company is giving back to the regions from where the indigenous plants are sourced. LOVE!!

You can read more for your self at this website:  or better still, watch this video with a guest that I hosted last week talking about how you can use some of the oils. I WISH that I had known all this when my children were younger, but hey, at least I’ll be prepared for the grandkids!

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Your respite sounds perfect. Divine aroma, a bit of sorting, relaxing and no expectations for a brief few hours. This would totally recharge me. Xx

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