When I wrote my book “Girl, get over yourself and Get in the Game!” I was basically writing it for myself.

Let me explain – I am someone who has always been considered “bright.” I was always in the top classes in school, was dux of my Bible College class and 20 years later, of my Personal Training class and was one of only 4 people awarded my degree with merit. Yet despite all of this, I was often battled self doubt.

To be perfectly truthful – I STILL battle it – even at Midlife.

I figure that I must not be the only one who faces this battle though, and the more frequently I write and speak about my own journey through life, I am finding that many other women do indeed also suffer this same affliction. We can be incredibly smart and talented – and also incredibly crippled by our own doubts and fears. Our families may have total belief in us as we do in them – but we lack it for ourselves.

I am indeed guilty of saying this about my gym clients “I have complete faith in them that they will reach their goals, but lack it for myself.” Silly isn’t it? Yet I will self-sabotage and bash myself up for being a hypocrite when I eat chocolate en mass all while being the best trainer and motivator I can possibly be to serve them.

You are really doubting my sanity now aren’t you – or perhaps if you are really honest, you relate?

Are you someone who also doubts yourself and even sabotages yourself in order to prevent you REALLY getting into the game of your own life? After all, if you are racked with doubt and hiding your true self away, you don’t have to face the risk of having egg on your face if you DO get out there and have a go do you?

Aren’t you TIRED of playing it safe girl? I know that I am, which is why I am hardening myself not to feel wounded when I see that someone has unsubscribed from my list, or that they have ignored or even worse, commented negatively on my online posts. I have decided that I will find and keep exercising my brave not only for my own sake – but to inspire and encourage other women to do likewise. In short, I am DETERMINED to ROCK my Midlife!

So what are YOU scared of honey? Trying that thing that you always wanted to try? Starting that new business? Writing that book? If you are still unsure of what you want to do and need a gentle nudge to get you finding your brave, then you NEED to jump into my 10 Day “Get in the Game” Mindset Course. 10 days of short videos and accompanying worksheets designed to get you back into the Game of your Life. Read more about it HERE  and decide that it is time to invest into YOU.

Time to find your brave girl, as I am finding mine!

Here’s to Rocking Midlife!

Cat xx


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Hi Cat, wow – you just nailed it! I’ve just gone through a fortunately short ‘fragile’ period — self-doubt, not feeling good enough, how did I ever think I could pull this off, etc. I stumbled upon this book, Daring Greatly (I’m a great believer in synchronicity or finding what you need when you need it – if you pay attention!) . The author talks about acknowledging and accepting our vulnerability, and stepping beyond our fear to go forward. It helps. And it’s also helpful when people like you have the courage to share your/their vulnerability. Thank you!


Definitely relating rather than doubting you, lol! It’s an ongoing battle, for sure. Work in progress, ticking the boxes as I go and just seeing how it all turns out. Txxx

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