Hi there gorgeous!

If you were following my posts on Facebook or in the FMB group last week, you’ll know that I spent much of the week prepping for a huge re-branding photo-shoot that was held last Saturday.

It has been an incredibly confronting project to embark on, both financially and emotionally, as I battle those old demons of feeling fat, feeling old and feeling downright insecure about what will follow once the project is completed.

“Who pays for a top photographer to brand them when they are as old and unknown as her?”

“Who does this woman think she is?”

I shared how I was feeling 2 nights ago with a girl who was a student of mine 20 years ago, and who has since gone on to create an incredible business with her husband. She replied to me  “I make sure my WHY is stronger than my why-not’s,” and this percolated all night long in my mind as I tossed and turned all night (yet again – darn hot flushes!) .

And it hit me – the full truth of her words.

I BELIEVE in my message passionately.

I TRULY feel called to reach out to women in their midlife season, to encourage, inspire and CHALLENGE them to truly thrive, embrace and milk the life out of this season!

And if it means that this introvert has to get out of her gym leggings and black t-shirt, out from behind the computer and in front of a camera to PUT her face out there…..then SO BE IT!!

Hell, I’ll even let them slap makeup on me and tizz up my hair IF IT GETS MY MESSAGE OUT THERE!!

So over to you girl, as I KNOW that I am not alone.

I KNOW that there are many other girls scattered all around the globe who also have a spark burning in their bellies. How do I know this? Because you girls are telling me all the time through your comments and posts on my Facebook page and in the FMB group.

I hear it through the replies I get to my newsletters, (to which I always reply by the way – giving allowance for time zone differences) and I hear it in conversations held every day with midlife girls.

It’s time for you girls to step up too. To invest in your dreams and to bring them to reality. YOUR world NEEDS your voice, your skill, your wisdom and it is time to up your brave to become the woman you dream of being in this season.

I’ve learned over the last few years that until you put action behind your dreams – nothing happens. Every step I have made in building the FMB community has cost me personally – in finances, in time, in emotional output. It has been worth it though, and every step of faith has made me that bit braver the next time and so on – until I now find myself investing an amount I would never have dreamed of a year ago, in order to do what is needed to get my message out there even further.

My WHY has outranked my why-not’s.

Has yours?

It’s YOUR time now girl, not just mine.

Your time to up your brave and believe and invest into your message.

YOUR time to make you WHY stronger than your why-not’s.


Here’s to Rocking Midlife!

Cat x

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Count me in! You at such an inspiration 💜

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