Okay, own up ladies. How many of you had diaries when you were young? Dog eared, sometimes pink and padlocked and generally hidden under your mattress.

Diaries in which you poured all of your teenage angst about which mean girls were bullying you and which boy you had a secret crush on. Diaries that documented birthday parties, summer holidays and quite possibly, your hopes and dreams for when you grew up.

I have to confess that I was a serial diary starter. Notice I said starter and not finisher? I LOVED stationary, (nothing has changed there incidentally!) and could spend hours looking for THE perfect book. I’d then dutifully write in my beautiful book every night until I gradually ran out of puff. After-all, how many times could you write “had breakfast, went to school, had lunch, had band practise……” etc etc etc? As a teen my life was fairly predictable so the entries  became shorter and shorter as I felt I had little to say. Now and then though, the REAL gems would come out when I dug deeper into my heart and the words and drawings would pour out of me. The times I wrote like this felt simultaneously like a catharsis as well as a spark of fire igniting a hopeful excitement for my future. Writing the words of who I wanted to be and what I wanted to do with my life painted a picture that later came to pass. So I may not have dated the freckled boy I was crushing on at age 14, but I did end up on stages in front of thousands playing music professionally for many years – just as I had always dreamed.

Which brings me to adult Cat. At 51, I’m certainly no spring chicken, yet in the past 12 months, I’ve reinstated the practise of journalling into my life. There are dreams and goals that I still want to see come to pass, and journalling enables me to pull them out of my sub-conscious, identify and clarify them. Instead of burning out after a week or two with nothing to say however, I’ve wised up since my teenage days and searched for ages online for the perfect journal (would you expect any less from a stationary nut??) I discovered the Daily Greatness range and fell in love with all of them, eventually choosing the business version. I loved that the journal wasn’t pre-dated so was able to plunge into it immediately and every page contains prompts, questions and quotes so I am challenged every time that I journal rather than wondering what on earth to write.

I’m beginning to see things coming to pass in my life that I was journalling about just a few months ago and I am  now so sold on taking the time to write out my dreams and goals intentionally that I encourage all of my clients to do likewise if they TRULY want to see their dreams become real.

So girl, I’m giving you the same challenge! If you KNOW that you are destined to do and achieve more in your life  – you need to take the time to sit and dream and write daily.  Go find yourself a gorgeous book or check out the Daily Greatness range for yourself and get started.

It’s time to write your dreams into LIFE !


Here’s to Rocking Midlife!

Cat xx


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