“I’m too old!”

“I’ve passed it!” (whatever “it” is!)

“I’m not 25 anymore…”

“It’s too late for me.”

I’ve heard these lines from so many people. In fact I have said all of these things to myself at some stage.

Even now – when I am actually stepping out into new frontiers, these little voices will still try and haunt me, and I have to make a determined effort to turn them off or drown them out by reminding myself daily that I AM unique, I AM valuable, I DO have gifts and talents to share with the world.

I have found however that if I start comparing myself to others, instead of drowning those voices out, they are amplified more than ever, and I become stuck. Too timid to go ahead with what I feel called to do, and too fearful of what others’ will think of me if I dare to stick my head above the parapet and “have a go.”

I know I’m not alone either.

However I also know that I am determined NOT to settle in that place of inaction and timidity any longer. Since hitting this midlife season, I have challenged myself more and more to cast off my own fears and have pushed myself to speak my truth and reach out to encourage other women. Yes, those voices still return – especially if I look at the younger women coming through behind us, so full of confidence, looking so put together and so talented – yet the reality is that there will ALWAYS be a younger, prettier, more talented, more successful girl out there.

And does that make my voice invalid?

Not at all!! My voice is unique, and girl – SO IS YOURS!

Don’t waste time thinking “I should have done – insert your dream –  years ago.”  For whatever reason, you didn’t – be that due to choices or circumstances – what’s done is done. But now it is your time, and honey, like I said in my last post – at midlife, the clock ticks that little quicker, so if ever you were going to do it. DO IT NOW!

Remember too – if you are still needing some guidance in determining what it REALLY is that you want to put your hand to, doors are open to my 10 Day GET IN THE GAME Mindset Course. For a low investment, over 10 days, you will receive a short video emailed along with a worksheet of questions that will challenge, motivate and encourage you. You can read more about it HERE.

You can do it girl, so stop comparing and competing against others and step into your future!

Cat xx



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