After an interesting week where my husband was raced to hospital by ambulance with a suspected heart attack, (he is okay now though thank God, and undertaking more tests) my thoughts were drawn to the topic of TIME and how fast it passes. How in one moment, my life could have been so different and how critical it was for myself, my husband and those of us at midlife to make sure that we don’t waste the time we have left, but embrace it and BE who we were always meant to be. I wrote the following while waiting for him to be discharged from the hospital……

Remember when school holidays seemed to stretch forever? So much so that you were almost excited at going back to school as you missing your friends, (meanwhile your parents were whooping it up and cracking the bubbly as you tottered off in your new uniform.) Once you hit high-school, term time seem to come back around that bit quicker and you dragged yourself back to school resentfully. Shoot forward to those years of trying to climb the career ladder and raise families of your own and you suddenly find yourself at 40 – 45 – 50 realising that all of those years have passed…

And you realise that you haven’t truly become the person you were meant to be.

That those dreams you held in your heart when you where younger, thinking “one day, when I have more time….”

“One day, when I’m not so busy……”

“One day….”

Are still there, tucked away at the back of your heart. And you know that now, more than ever, when time is no longer your friend, but is racing by faster than ever – the reality hits you.



WHEN will you decide that you ARE good enough to try that thing you’ve always wanted to try?

WHEN will you be brave enough to stand up unapologetically and say “This is who I REALLY am” and put your hand to that thing that has always been on your heart to do?

WHEN will you grab YOUR life with both hands and wring every bit of experience / emotion and challenge out of it?

Before there is no longer time.

Yes, it is already February – and how many of you feel that it was only yesterday that we were ringing in the New Year? How many of you are still pursuing the goals that you set for this year? How many of you have already given up on yourselves and decided that you are not ready, not worthy or not brave enough to step into the lives that you had envisioned for yourselves?

It’s TIME girls. Time to embrace this next season and make it one where you can create a life of purpose, significance and fulfilment, and if you don’t know where to start, then I challenge you to invest into yourself and sign up for my 10 Day Get in the Game Mindset Course. Over 10 days you will receive videos and PDF worksheets straight into your inbox, designed to prompt and encourage you  to define what you REALLY want to do and to motivate you to ACTION.

It’s YOUR time now girl – and as we know, Time waits for NO (wo)man.

Cat xx

PS. You can read more about the 10 Day Get into the Game Mindset Course HERE.



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Hi Cat,

Very inspiring, thank you.. I am currently embarking on a new adventure at the tender age of 44, I decided to sell my house move to the coast and open my very own Wine tasting business. I’m excited and scared at the same time, but as you say..the time is now.

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