It is New Year’s eve. 2016 is almost a mere memory and 2017 is about to become reality.

I LOVE this time of year. The promise of the new – of new dreams to be reached for and of new goals to be attained.

At the same time, there is the usual anti-resolution back-lash happening around the net. Voices saying that you are setting yourself up for failure if you set resolutions or New Year’s goals.

My take on those voices?

Take your negativity and shove it!!

The most significant life changes that I have made were when I determined a goal, set a starting point then went into ACTION to fulfil said goal, and New Year’s often was the pivotal point in time when these goals were crystallised in my mind and heart. December 31st provides a natural moment in time when we can cast off the cares of the old year and dare to dream and optimistically look towards the future.

So today, on December 2016, I am writing down my intentions, my dreams, my goals, my NEW YEAR’S resolutions for 2017. Come Monday January 2nd, I will be putting them into ACTION along with the other determined women who have decided that this is the year to get serious about their goals and who are embarking on the 21 Days to Sort Your Shiz coaching program.

Don’t let fear, negativity or self-doubt hold you back this year! Make 2017 YOUR year of dreaming, planning, goal setting, and most importantly – of taking ACTION!!!

Cat xxx

PS: If you hurry, and you are SERIOUS about bringing about change into some part of your life in 2017, then you NEED to go to this link NOW and join up HERE!! Doors shut in one more day!!!



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