Is this you?

I know that I am already implementing changes in my own life. I’ve decided (yet again lol!) that I am not happy with some areas of my life and am taking action to see them change. I take full responsibility for those areas that I am not happy about and am very aware that often I have “settled” instead of pushing through.

And so, being the optimist that I have trained myself to become – I am looking forward to being so much MORE in the new year…..

MORE brave…
MORE kind….
MORE fierce…..

And MORE unapologetically ME.

What is your MORE for 2017 girls??

Cat xx

PS. Have you joined the “21 Days to Sort Your Shiz” coaching group yet? Doors close soon and if you are SERIOUS about achieving your goals this year, you NEED to be in it and we kick off on Jan 2nd so HURRY!

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