Maybe it is the time of the year.

The weather is getting warm and the malls are awash with pictures of gorgeous young girls romping through the fields in their perfectly put together boho attire. Ankle boots and cut off denim shorts? So chic! Satin smooth skin and glowing hair? Gorgeous!

Problem is, if I try to emulate these pre-pubescent style icons, I’m likely to scare all of the small children within a 5 km radius.

And then some.

With my hairy, white, stubby middle aged legs with the wrinkly knee caps, cut off denim shorts paired with ankle boots are NOT my friend!

So what DO I wear?

I have never been one with the knack to effortlessly throw together a look that suits my shape or age, and being a former professional musician, I gravitate towards black. My wardrobe is very simple, consisting mainly of t-shirts and leggings, which isn’t really a problem in the colder weather. At this time of year though, I become very conscious of the fact that my legs resemble those of a sasquatch and what’s more, I’ve sprouted enough chin and lip hair to give Santa a run for his money.

Too much information?

Or do you secretly relate girls?

I must admit to being pretty slack about the “maintenance” side of things. I’d rather purchase frivolous items such as groceries instead of pay for a manicure or facial, but this generally bites me in the butt when I get to the summer season where I actually have to LEAVE the house and socialise, (God forbid!) only to discover that I need major deforestation and have no clue whatsoever what to wear.

Other than black leggings and t-shirts.

So this year, as well as my usual health, fitness, business, spiritual and relationship focused resolutions – I am making one to up my game in regards to how I look after myself, dress and present myself to the world.

Not because I need to meet with any societal “standard,”

Not because my self worth depends on how I look…

But because it is time that I cared enough about myself to look after myself better, and so that I can dress up if need be and FEEL great about myself when I face the world.

I’m even going to put some structure to achieving this goal by jumping into my own coaching program designed to help put ACTION to individual resolutions and goals this year, and my challenge is – WHO IS GOING TO JOIN ME?

For only a small investment, you will be encouraged and challenged to put YOUR individual goals into ACTION with a 21 day jumpstart with my 21 DAYS TO SORT YOUR SHIZ coaching group. You can read about it HERE and if you are REALLY serious about achieving your goals this year, jump in NOW as we kick off on Monday January 2nd.

In the meantime, I’ll be working on my “makeover” plan of attack – beginning with the purchase of a sturdy razor lol!

Cat xx

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