I posted the image above on the Cat Coluccio – Rocking Midlife page a little while ago and the sentiment really resonates with me at this stage of life. I wanted to share it again as I’m sure that it may well do so for you too.

We make lots of jokes about the joys of menopause, the thrill of thickening waist lines and the wrinkles that accompany midlife – and trust me, I have many! (Just saying lol!).


HOWEVER…..there is so much to be celebrated too! Children raised and doing well, careers well established and the sheer relief of knowing that you will NEVER have to be that awkward teen trying to fit in at high school ever again!


What I’m finding though, is that midlife is such a season for reflection – on where I’ve been, on what I’ve done and on where I’m at now. This reflection then leads me to ponder about what I still want to do, how I want to live my life in the next season, and most importantly, how I still want to make a difference to the world around me.

I read a number of books regarding your “second life” way back in my 30s, (ironically! Let’s just say that I like to be prepared.) and I recall a concept put forward in a few of them that has really stuck with me. That being that the first half of your life is more about achieving”success” and the second part of your life is more focussed about achieving “significance.”

You might not think that you have particularly pursued “success” if you weren’t a career minded person, but I can guarantee that even if you were a stay-at-home parent, you were pursuing “success’ in your child rearing and home making.

Now though, rather than desiring “success” as such, I know that my desire is to build SIGNIFICANCE about who I am and what I do. I no longer aspire to be an amazing musician as I did in my teens, (and yes, I did end up working as a professional musician for many, many years) but I desire now to truly make a difference in peoples’ lives. Particularly the lives of women.

I want my work not just to be a “success,” but to be SIGNIFICANT, truly impacting and empowering others.

I’m sure that many of you feel the same, so let’s celebrate and embrace this time of midlife as a time to reflect, renew and who knows…..maybe even a time to reinvent ourselves into who we REALLY want to be – people living and building lives of SIGNIFICANCE.

Cat xx

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I love this’ thank you…. I so resonate with all you saying and so inspiring to read it back to myself

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