I LOVE this quote and would encourage you to print this pic and stick it on a mirror where you HAVE to see it every day! It’s one that I often share with folks that I coach, as I see so much self doubt in peoples’ lives that it actually gets me really worked up. I want to shake them by the shoulders  and ask them over and over: “Do you not see what an AMAZING PERSON you are?”

“Do you not realise HOW WORTHWHILE you are?”

“Do you not understand that you have SO MUCH TO SHARE with the world around you?”

You are SO much more capable than you think you are, so it is time to step it up! Stop letting yourself off the hook with excuses. Stop hiding your light from the world and STOP being so damn NEGATIVE about yourself!

Get out there, hold your head high, and start OWNING who you are in EVERY area of your life.

No more excuses okay? To anyone, but most importantly  – to YOURSELF.

Here’s to Rocking Midlife!

Cat xx










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