7 Tips for Transitioning at Midlife

March is the start of a new season down here in New Zealand, and already, the leaves are starting to brown and curl and there is a nip in the morning air. Conversely, you may be edging towards the end of a long winter and looking forward to warmer and longer days. I love the … Continue Reading

Fiercely ROCKING Midlife

There is a worldwide movement happening at the moment. Globally, midlife women are embracing this season of their lives, and instead of disappearing from our youth-obsessed society, they are taking to social media, are blogging, writing, podcasting and broadcasting from whatever field they are immersed in. Their combined voices are an inspiration to the generation … Continue Reading

It’s time to ROCK your Jeans!!!

Remember this post where I put out a call to action against ageist “studies” that are telling us midlife women what we can and cannot wear?? All I can say is that midlife girls are the BEST!!! I received so much support, from emails and messages to 100 photos of gorgeous midlife women from all around … Continue Reading

Embracing Change

You don’t reach midlife without having encountered change. LOTS of change! Puberty, changing schools, moving homes, starting and ending relationships, becoming part of a couple, becoming single, becoming a parent, becoming an orphan, changing careers…. the list is endless and I haven’t even made mention of technology! Seriously – one needs to keep a ten … Continue Reading

Calling all Midlife Girls to ACTION!

I’m calling all midlife girls to action! It’s time to stand up and say that we are sick of being told that we need to stop wearing wearing the makeup we like. That we should stop wearing certain colours. That we should not have long hair anymore…… AND if you saw the post that I shared … Continue Reading

Declutter your Life!

Do you ever feel so overwhelmed that you simply want to stop the world spinning for a while so that you can hop off and catch your breath? I certainly do at times and over the past season in particular, I’ve had that sensation more than ever – hence my somewhat sporadic posting to my … Continue Reading

2018 – Your Year to Ignite!

It is the evening of January 1st in my world, and it has been a quiet day of reading, some snoozing, eating meals of left overs and doing the last bit of packing away of the Christmas decor. Being summer holidays down here in Auckland and with the bulk of the seasonal festivities now done, … Continue Reading

3 Tips to blitz your Christmas shopping!

I had such a fun day yesterday! I was invited to be a guest on the popular nationwide TV / radio show known as The AM Show here in New Zealand, to have a light hearted, quick chat about how to blitz your Christmas shopping in three hours or less 🙂 It certainly wasn’t rocket … Continue Reading

Rocking Midlife – Through the Holidays!

As much as you might have had your head in the sand up to this point, there is no more denying the fact – it is THAT time of year again! The season of excessive eating and drinking, of celebrating the end of the academic year and of planning that summer break. The change in … Continue Reading

Owning my Wellness

“Wellness” seems to be the subject on everyone’s lips at the moment. Everything I read seems to refer to “self-care” being a huge part of life, and you know something?  They are right! As my face to face personal training clients know, over the past month I’ve faced a back issue that I have never … Continue Reading