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Hi there, I’m Cat and I’m SO glad you’re here!

I get excited when I see midlife women empowered, motivated and living fulfilled, purposeful lives. Regardless of whether they are in the same career they have always been in, or are completely reinventing their lives – seeing them thrive and make an impact in their world fills me with joy. For many girls though, the journey of midlife can be a frightening roller coaster ride full of rampant emotions, hormones and life changes and this is where I can help through my speaking, writing and coaching – providing you with the encouragement, support and motivation you need to ROCK your Midlife to the fullest!


As a life-long creative who penned my first earth-shattering novel, “The Purple Mouse”, at the tender age of five, I’ve written all my life on the side, while recording and performing in front of thousands as a professional musician for over two decades.  I have also worked with people of all ages in varying roles including as a high school teacher, a music director, a conductor, a lecturer, a principal of a tertiary training college and in my most important role – as a wife of nearly 30 years and a mother or two ( which included six years of homeschooling in their high school years.)


Once my youngest child headed off to university, I embarked on my own Midlife Reinvention. At age 44, I went back to school alongside classmates younger than my own children and graduated top of my class in Personal Training – losing 18 kilos in the process. I have since been working on the gym floor in South Auckland, encouraging and challenging men and women to change their lives too – both IN and OUTSIDE the gym.


Over the years, I’ve attracted numerous female clients looking down the barrel of midlife, and realising that so many of them were entering this season of life in trepidation, I decided to focus my unique brand of tough-love coaching on encouraging and challenging women over 40 to embrace this season and live their best lives ever.


 I wrote my first motivational book “Girl, Get Over Yourself and Get in the Game!,“ set up the free ROCKING MIDLIFE group for support and friendship with thousands of midlife girls from all over the world joining, and offer speaking events, books and coaching for women who truly want to ROCK their Midlife.

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