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Declutter your Life!

Do you ever feel so overwhelmed that you simply want to stop the world spinning for a while so that you can hop off and catch your breath?

I certainly do at times and over the past season in particular, I’ve had that sensation more than ever – hence my somewhat sporadic posting to my blog. Guilty of steadily adding more and more items to my “to-do” list, I’d then come home to a house where small piles of clutter had taken on a life of their own and the overwhelm of work related tasks morphed into the overwhelm of living in a home in dire need of a spring clean out.

Top this physical clutter off with a mind that never shuts down, an ongoing relationship with insomnia and an overflowing email inbox and you have a recipe for disaster – which hit last October in the form of my back going into spasm.

Talk about a wake up call! Along with a new sense of respect and empathy for my husband who has lived with chronic back pain ever since I have known him (30 years!) – I totally had my wings clipped in regards to life in general. While x-rays revealed that my spine resembled that of a car accident victim, I was informed by the health professionals looking after me that there was a lot more at play here that just a physical problem – it seems that my body had decided “enough was enough” and put me in an involuntary time out. It had stopped the world spinning just long enough for me to disembark for a short while.

I wasn’t impressed let me tell you as over that month I battled my own frustration plus felt the frustration of others when I had to pull out of events and work when things got especially bad. On the flip side though, my husband was also dealing with some junk, (a broken wrist, bronchitis and work crap – woohoo!) so we decided to run away for a week.

And we did.

And although neither of us was ever completely pain free, we were able to declutter our lives from a lot of “must-dos” that week – and it felt such a relief!

Of course, the minute we got home, nothing on the surface had changed. There were bills to be paid, house and yard work to be done, zillions of emails wanting attention and in my case, dental surgery to be faced (another painful ordeal that I’m still putting up with!) HOWEVER my thinking had changed and that alone has made a huge difference!

Instead of being overwhelmed with everything, I’ve began decluttering on a whole lot of levels. Unlike in the past though, where I would go night and day on one closest, I’m decluttering across ALL areas of my life – bit by bit. I’ve only just scratched the surface of what I ultimately want to achieve, but I am committed to what is going to be an ongoing process so here’s where my list is up to at the moment….

  1. The downstairs rumpus / guest bedroom before my son returns for the holidays.  Done!
  2. The Christmas decorations – sort through what can be tossed while decorating.  Done!
  3. My home office – the desk / the cupboard.  In progress
  4. My computer – clear the desktop / the bookmarks. In progress
  5. Online – leave FB groups that I don’t participate in / unsubscribe to email lists that I don’t read. In progress
  6. Clean out the pantry. Go through expiration dates of staples. Yet to start
  7. Sort the linen cupboard. Done!
  8. Sort the medicine cabinet. Done!
  9. Declutter and reorganise my wardrobe. Yet to start
  10. Declutter and re-arrange my bedroom to fit the new bed (after 20 years on the same mattress, we are finally getting a new one – woohoooo!!!) Done!
  11. My business and commitments. In progress


I could add so many more areas to this list, but like I said – I’m not treating this as a one off project, but as something that I will be doing for some time over the next few months. Once the above list is tackled, I’ll then add on the next round of areas however I am already feeling a lightness that comes with having space! Be it physical or simply space in my head – it is wonderful having that heavy weight of overwhelm begin to dissipate.

So who else is decluttering their life this year and how are you going about it? I’d love to hear your tips too. Do you do one space at a time or are you a “dive in and do the lot” person? Are you just looking at your physical possessions or are you working on your online clutter too?

How do YOU declutter your life? Inquiring minds want to know!

Cat x

PS. Because I am such a research junkie, I looked at books on decluttering before I really got stuck into things and was so excited when I found this bundle of tools on sale only until the end of January!!  Click on the image below to check out the bundle of resources available at an incredibly low price before the offer expires, and you will be fully armed to join me in Decluttering your Life!






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  • Julie Augustyn

    January 8, 2018 at 1:01 am Reply

    Great post Cat! I’ve been on a declutter binge as well. It is one of my goals for this year! I just spent two days on my personal closet. However, my intent is to continue throughout the whole house. I do best when I pick a project, set a date and tackle it!

    Julie Augustyn
    Fashion Trends and Friends

    • Cat

      January 8, 2018 at 3:30 am Reply

      Good on you Julie! My closet is next on the list – when you find yourself reaching for the same outfit day after day because it is too hard to navigate the cram – it is definitely time for a clear out!!

  • Nancy | MapandFamily

    January 13, 2018 at 10:44 am Reply

    Ha, I clicked on this straight away! A lot of de-cluttering required here atm, partly because stuff has been quietly building up whilst I’ve been super-busy. And I’m sure junk magnetically attracts more junk! Anyhow – today is the first day of the clear out so I’ll use your list as a handy reminder.

    • Cat

      January 15, 2018 at 12:37 am Reply

      Oh you are SO right when you say “junk magnetically attracts more junk” Nancy! All the best with your decluttering!

  • Shelly Drymon

    February 11, 2018 at 6:02 pm Reply

    I am always talking about getting out of FB groups and off email lists that you are not participating in! i was even going to do a live stream in the group about that. Thank you for mentioning that aspect of de clutter.

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