Cat Coluccio | 3 Tips to blitz your Christmas shopping!
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3 Tips to blitz your Christmas shopping!

I had such a fun day yesterday! I was invited to be a guest on the popular nationwide TV / radio show known as The AM Show here in New Zealand, to have a light hearted, quick chat about how to blitz your Christmas shopping in three hours or less 🙂

It certainly wasn’t rocket science, but was a good laugh and you can watch that segment HERE.

If you did listen through, you’ll hear my last tip which is actually to take the stress out of the entire process, and shop online away from the crowds. This way, you can actually be in the moment and think about who you are wanting to bless with your gift giving rather than simply dodging the madness of the mall. Christmas PJs, Michael Buble on the stereo, a laptop and a glass of wine anyone? This is MY idea of a fabulous shopping experience! It’s also exactly what I am doing this year and many of my gifts are going to be from the gorgeous dōTERRA range as I am wanting to give the gift of health to family and friends. As well, I will be hitting up other midlife girls’ businesses and online sites such as Etsy where I can find the work of unique artisans.

Regardless of what you do or don’t purchase – make sure that you take the time this season to hug someone and let them know that you love them – after all, that is real the reason behind gift giving!

Cat x

PS. Want to know more about why I love dōTERRA essential oils? Pop over and join my FREE Essential Oils 101 group HERE where I post regular updates on these beautiful gifts of the earth and how they can support your health and happiness.


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