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Rocking Midlife – Through the Holidays!

As much as you might have had your head in the sand up to this point, there is no more denying the fact – it is THAT time of year again! The season of excessive eating and drinking, of celebrating the end of the academic year and of planning that summer break. The change in the air is almost tangible –  morning gym attenders are dropping in numbers as they sleep off the effects of the previous night’s office drinks while road rage is rising around school streets at 3pm as frazzled mums juggle car loads of kids who are ironically both hyped up and worn out after 4 terms of hard labour. For we midlifers, while the school run may no longer feature in our daily routine, this time of year can bring its own set of challenges as our celebrations are tinged with poignant moments.

Everyone looks tired, (don’t you just LOVE daylight savings where a setting sun burns through your curtains and retinas as you try to get to sleep?) and are now frantically trying to plan their calendars to juggle school concerts, work functions and now – Christmas shopping. Young mums jostle alongside we older girls as we all pay homage to the gods of consumerism in our quest to find the perfect gift to bless our loved ones.

While for my family this season is all about celebrating the birth of Jesus, there are plenty of other celebrations also going down, meaning that it feels like much of the world is either in party mode or post-party recovery. (Wondering who else is celebrating? Read HERE.) The up side of this is that despite the busyness, it DOES feel like there is a change in the air. A “have a great Christmas” from the turbaned Indian boy who served me at the petrol station this morning was greeted with a huge smile on my part and a “same to you!” in return. The PC police might jump up and down but while my neighbours celebrate Diwali and Hanukka by name, I figure that I also get to celebrate Christmas by name and my fellow Kiwis seem to agree.

We like to live dangerously like that.

But back to the fact that November and December are huge months for celebrations – kicking off for many of our northern friends with Thanksgiving – which is one holiday that I really love the concept of. All history aside – the pure fact of simply being grateful for family and friends bears celebrating in my mind. You guys can have Halloween back though……just saying.

So back to this 2017 Holiday Season. Regardless of what, where or how you are celebrating, chances are that the season will include equal parts of expectations / excitement / stress and nostalgia, served with a side helping of shopping-induced anxiety. It will have great moments and in all probability, some not so great ones too – nevertheless, I know that deep down, many of us will be secretly holding our breath hoping that it truly does bring that touch of magic we all loved as children.

I’m going to be blogging on different aspects of the Holiday Season over the next month so do come back and share some of your own holiday experiences. If nothing else, you’ll soon learn that you are not alone as there are many of us who at some point over the next 4 weeks will be found rocking in a corner, nursing a glass of wine.

Here’s to Rocking Midlife and the Holidays!

Cat x

PS. Want to know what is coming next? Make sure to tune in for “Blitzing your Holiday Shopping” tips with Cat!

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