Cat Coluccio | Are you ready to Sort your Shiz girl?
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Are you ready to Sort your Shiz girl?

It is nearly spring down here in New Zealand and it is time to emerge from your winter hibernation and jump into action!! After all, why wait until January 1st? I find that the beginning of Spring is the PERFECT time to re-evaluate where I am at, where I am wanting to head and to put into place a plan of HOW I am going to get there – know what I mean? I’m already goal setting about the de-cluttering, the fitness training and the writing that I am intending kicking up a notch. If this resonates with you, then you NEED to jump into my 21 Days to Sort Your Shiz! coaching program which I am about to relaunch!!

This a chance to work personally with me as we identify and break down how to bring YOUR personal dream to life. Regardless of whether your secret dream is: to get fit, write a book, reinvent yourself or WHATEVER…I will help you define it, break it down and put actionable steps into place to help you move in the right direction to achieving that goal. Via daily emails, tasks, encouragement and a weekly half hour live video check in, I will be in your corner cheering for you and issuing tough love as needed along the way!

This program is the perfect way to experience coaching with me within a short, affordable time span, but you need to move quickly – spaces are limited as I only accept up to 10 private coaching clients at one time! READ MORE HERE! and move QUICKLY to secure your place as this program fills up rapidly.


It’s YOUR time now girl so don’t delay!!


Here’s to Rocking Midlife!


Cat xx

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