Cat Coluccio | Get your midlife rocking with Auckland based life coach Cat Coluccio.
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Get your midlife rocking with Auckland based life coach Cat Coluccio.

Auckland based Cat Coluccio is on a mission – to empower women to absolutely rock their midlife.

“Life does not stop at 40 and as you age and throw off the expectations of others, your ‘second season’ of life can be transformative, joyous and a chance to be authentically you,” says Cat.

Ideal for women from aged 40 upwards, from all walks of life but especially those looking to change their bodies, wellness, lifestyle or career, Cat can help you by providing you with the encouragement, support and motivation you need to fully live your midlife to the fullest.

You may recognise Cat Coluccio’s first motivational book “Girl, Get Over Yourself and Get in the Game!“, or from her Fabulous Midlife Babes tribe that she set up to support and build friendships with thousands of midlife woman from all over the world.

Cat also now offers speaking events, courses and one-to-one coaching for women who truly want to take control of their Midlife. “They are a growing demographic known as the “sandwich generation” often caring for children and elderly parents, and are navigating a path of life fraught with challenges such as menopause and loss. In the midst of this time of turmoil though, there is hope,” says Cat.

Cat, herself, started on her Midlife Reinvention journey at the age of 44, by going back to school alongside kids younger than her own and  graduated top of her class in Personal Training “I advocate exercising for health and from a place of self-acceptance and love,” adds Cat. You will often find Cat in the Gym in South Auckland, inspiring and challenging men and women to change their lives, both inside and outside the gym.

Cat believes that midlife is not the “beginning of the end” but the start of an amazing new season in your life. Regardless of whatever it is that you want to do and what your goals are, Cat wants to help you achieve your dreams.

“I’m interested in flicking the switch in women that their lives are not over once the kids leave home or the partner walks out – they still have so much to give!” comments Cat.

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